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Psoriasis cures in Harkány



Psoriasis cures in Harkány


Harkány is a city with approximately  3600 inhabitants located in the south-west part of Hungary close to the border of Croatia. The climate is sub-Mediterranean temperature fluctuations are relatively low the average number of sunshine hours is high 2025 yearly.

 The medicinal water of Harkány, unique in Europe, springs to the surface at an average of 62 0C. From the aspect of therapy, its most significant mineral is the divalent sulphur compound which is present in a gas form, dissolved in the water.

The thermal water of Harkány has been used for the treatment of psoriasis for decades. The salts diluted and the sulphurous gas in the water from where it evolves and then is absorbed through the skin and the epithelium of the airways, both help to reduce the pathological processes. The water has an anti-inflammatory and skin regenerating effect so it helps to make psoriasis asymptomatic.


Results of researches


                The first results of the randomized, blind-evaluated trial concerning the antipsoriatic effect of the spa water of Harkány are available. So far 50 persons from both sexes, between the ages of 25 to 79, suffering from chronic, plaque-type psoriasis were included in the study. The members receiving spa water baths (25 minutes two times a day) for 21 days and as a local treatment 0,1% dithranol ointment was applied on their skin signs (15 minuntes once a day). In the placebo group the baths were made by tap water (25 minutes two times a day) and the local treatment was identical with that of the other group. The skin conditions of the patients were evaluated by an independent dermatologist on the basis of PASI on the 1 st  and 21 st day. Related to the initial score (which was set to 100%), on day 21 the PASI score was reduced to 34,3% in the ‘spa water’ group and to 59,5% in the placebo group. The difference is statistically significant and shows the antisporiatic activity of the spa water of Harkány.


Patients with psoriasis are treated using the elements of classic dermatologic therapy and natural spa cure. The complex treatments are built around the bath tubs that contain thermal water coming through a system that is closed from the wells, and they make use of the synergistic opportunities realized during the research.


Synthesis of the basic treatment is as follows:


·          First medical examination

·          Regular supervision by specialists

·          Two times 30 minutes baths in spa water daily

·          Light therapy (311 nm wave-length of UVB light / PUVA treatment)

·          Short contact dithranol treatment

·          Other non steroid local treatments in case of needed

·          Final medical examination, final report

In case of joint problems the basic treatment is extended with the followings:


·          Examination and continuous supervision by rheumatology specialist

·          Physiotherapy ordered by the specialist

Our cures are recommended in case of chronic, plaque-type psoriasis and problems of the rheumatology and dermatology border-line, including psoriasis and its complications.


Baths are happen in separated tubs in discrete circumstances. Immediately after the first bath patients get light-therapy (contraindications taken into consideration). After the second bath a 20 minutes dithranol treatment is applied. The ointment is removed at the end of the contact time by shower in spa water, with shower gel containing spa water. We also guarantee emollient for our guests.

Bathing in the medicinal water results in the enhanced absorption of locally applied drugs. During light therapy the ultraviolet rays reach the deeper layers of the skin more easily, too. Based on this, the drug concentration in the ointments can be reduced to the fourth of the average after the tub baths. During treatment we also use lower cumulative doses of ultraviolet light.

As a result of this, the complex treatment at Harkány is well-tolerated and has no significant side effects.


Therapy is individual for every patient. We put great emphasis on other underlying diseases, medication for these, skin type and the characteristics of the existing psoriasis. We also pay attention to the exploration of provoking factors, and give help to avoid these. We employ personalised therapeutic processes in order to make the asymptomatic period as long as possible.

In case of more serious cases we use systemic medication as well. Psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis fit well into the profile of the Spa-hospital of Harkány. Our excellent rheumatologists and specialists in locomotors diseases, physiotherapist assistants and gymnasts can ease the pain.

The treatments of the skin symptoms take 1,5 – 2 hours a day ( in case of locomotors complaints physiotherapies need more time). Schedule of therapies are flexible and act upon the patients needs to our limits so that they can have most of the day relaxing and leisure-time programmes.  



o         Serious circulation problems

o         Tumour

o         Infectious diseases

o         Incontinence problems

o         Acute joint inflammations

o         Thrombosis

o         Varicose


                Cures take two to three weeks time where in the first intensive period accommodation and the adequate treatments are guaranteed by the Spa-Hospital of Harkány. A three star hotel allocation with double bedrooms with bathroom, television, and fridge are basic equipments of the room. Full board consists of smorgasbord menu for lunch and dinner served to rooms.

                Post-treatments are take place at the chosen three or four star hotels where our almost symptom free guests continue therapy with the same spa water just in a more restful surrounding. Cures in hotels are carried out by professionals and the Spa-Hospital is continuously secure medical supervision.  


Harkány, the city of spas

Harkány, the city of spas


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